Our curriculum is based on our research-based, peer-reviewed UX Competency ModelTM that defines the latest competencies needed for success in a UX career.

Our UX Competency ModelTM emphasizes:

  • Foundational competencies important to all user experience professionals, as well as
  • Specialized competency areas that are the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge required for each UX career path. 


 uxDOTtraining-icon.png The Six Dimensions


competency-area-foundations.png Foundations

Understand users with knowledge of brain research, human behavior, and known human limitations.

competency-area-design.png Design

Craft experiences based on user wants, needs, and motivations.

competency-area-research.png Research

Gather unbiased, reliable data to make research-based decisions.

competency-area-management.png Management

Develop products and projects that consistently deliver results.

competency-area-career.png Career

Demonstrate the critical skills that make user experience practitioners successful.

competency-area-leadership.png Leadership

Guide your organization on the journey to creating a great user experience.


UX Skills Assessment

We've developed the UX Skills Assessment – now in beta – which identifies UX strengths and gaps, proving a learning roadmap for UX professionals. Register today for an invite.